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Happy Birthday Elise!!

Guess what !!!! ya girl made yet another mixtape of Rad Tunez !!! tbh I spent a lot more time putting this playlist together n making it more consistent in terms of genre / overall vibe so i hope u enjoy !! love u pal and i hope ur birthday was AMAZIN xoxoxo

ALSO! there's an exxxtra sidenote in the comments bc it wouldn't fit here (description limit is like 500 characters lol rip!!)

10 tracks
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yo this is cool thank u so muCH I LOV E U aaaaaa like ! i was like going thru my playlists im like damn whats good ! and i was like boi ! my music is so overplayet i need new one and then u GIvE ME ThIS AND IM LIKE gOD THANK U I NEEDED THIS i LOVE U

sidenote,,,p.s,,not to be like,,,super sappy and annoying but,,,thank u so much for being so chill n hanging out w/ me even though im a mess and i talk 2 much !!! honestly ur so funny and amazing and an incredible artist !! (Did U Kno: i literally keep the art u made me as my lockscreen bc i love it so much!!) anyways ur the best pal and appreciate u So Much !! ok bye

@grandluves y A ur a fukin nerd i lov chillin w u bc ur like rlly cool,, hdkjsh thank u so much omg i love this ur amazing !!! also thx for using my art as ur lockscreen i feel loved,,, thanks for a great bday love u :))))))