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I’m born, and I realize that in the end, I’m just an artificially constructed android, yet also an eternal life that sings.


haha wow im hurting myself with this

only like. one song doesnt have a vocaloid in it. oops.

art cred

  • Kokoro by Kagamine Rin
    I am just a robot that was made by a very lonely scientist. My creation was a miracle of science. Yet inside me there’s a missing part, something that you can’t simply create. It is software humans call a ‘heart’. In a program.
  • unravel by Full Version
    In this cruel world filled with nothing but cries unanswered I've decided I will become transparent Don't call for me dear, because I won't be near Only darkness I can't control a world determined by someone else But I can make certain that I'll never hurt you All I ask of you Just please remember me As how I used to be
  • 人造エネミー by じん (自然の敵P) Feat. 初音ミク
    You feel something connecting you with a faceless, voiceless person. Even though that's definitely not a mutual love; even though, today again, one day will end; you act like you were living; do that, then sleep.
  • [ Pv ] Porter Robinson Sad Machine Feat. Hatsune Miku [ Dj Jo Remix ] by DJ-JO
    I don't know much about your life beyond these warm walls The fleeting sense of love within these god forsaken halls And I can't hear it in his voice, in every call This girl who slept a hundred years had something lift the wall
  • ODDS & ENDS by Hatsune Miku
    you should use my voice Some people say it's incomprehensible And a dissonant Bad-sounding voice
  • Disk Hide and Seek feat. AVANNA [VOCALOID Original Song] by Hard
    Bright eyes look up to face the host once more. The same as before... No "human error" core. Light dyes of hue had started crashing through the locations of the memories I had found and lost. Lost and loved.
  • AVANNA sings 「Old Doll」 by FutsuP
    these cold legs dont move anymore
  • Sad Robot by Stars
    I'm afraid that my time has expired, I hope that you will come dry me, I hope that you can repair me, I'm afraid that I'm going to rust tonight My heart, Will change from steel to dust
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