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The Awesomely Instrumental Mix.


For readers who want a quiet atmosphere. For writers who need inspiration. For students who crave focus. For people who appreciate instrumental music.
(Image credit to blue-staple on tumblr)

150 tracks
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I totally adore the 11th Doctor's theme music. I once did a power-point presentation for it. It worked out brilliantly! It was about whether they should open drilling stations in the Alaskan Wild Life Refuge. I presented both sides. I, for one, am opposed to it. Anyways...brilliant piece of music.

great playlist, finally i have one playlist of so many instrumentals which i can play and keep listening and listening, suggestions to add - hearbeats (kal ho na ho) and Destroyed in love (fanaa) if not already included

Wonderful to study to this mix. Except for the excerpt from the book. That was jarring, and not good for studying. I like narrated books when listening to them is what I am doing. It's less good when the music helps keep me in my working mind.