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Nine tracks including music by 20Machado" title="Search for mixes with Andrei Machado">Andrei Machado, Clogs and 20Jules" title="Search for mixes with Gary Jules">Gary Jules.

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Reading your interpretation while listening to this mix made the music sound even more beautiful than it already is. I have to agree with some of your sentiments. Life is a contradiction at times-- both meaningful in the smallest ways, but seemingly meaningless in the bigger scheme of things (whatever that's supposed to be). I also like your statement of the illusion of an end through music. Don't think I've ever thought of it that way. Thank you for indulging us with your music and thoughts!

well it's not an epilogue to a certain feeling, it's an epilogue only music can express. Therefore it might be an epilogue to life, since the music progresses in such matters it makes you both nostalgic over the feelings and experiences , it also makes you think how sad and funny life was at the same time. There are twists and turns, this mix for me is like a meditation at the paradox of having one life taking advantage of it at maximum and yet it also make me reflect at how meaningless and funny it is. Life's never serious yet it can be the most difficult thing. This is only one of many interpretations
I also like to think of it as an ironic submessage. Music never ends yet it can create the illusion of ending, and not only.

i like it. 20tumbled%20sea" title="Search for mixes with the tumbled sea">the tumbled sea track is beautiful. thanks for the journey.