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Fiat Homo


Seven hundred years after The Falling. Story at the commentary box.
First part of a mix series based on my most recently read book : A Canticle for Leibowitz

9 tracks
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Ok I just read the Wiki article with great interest. Gotta love this apocalyptic sci-fi schtuff, gonna be looking out for the book.

Spellewauerynsherde is such an amazing album... great selections mister... looking forward to the next installment of this.

The earth has been scorched by the falling of the nuclear warheads. Humankind has almost been decimated. Survivors were few and they blamed science. Driven by the revenge instinct, they started destroying every piece of technology including engineers and researchers, books and aparatus. After "simplifying" the whole earth , people went back to a period similar to the dark ages. Hundreds of years have passed and now the only remnants of technology are held by monks at monasteries hidden deep and away from the rest of the world, but no one knows the meaning of the treasures they hold.

Radiation from the nuclear attacks forced mutation upon some of the survivors creating mutants. Forced to live outside the human society, due to their monstruosity ,they form camps and attack humans when they have the chance, eating them.

Altough no one can recall exactly the way the world almost ended (every version of the story has evolved in epic mythology), they remember who did it and they know they will never let that happen again...or do they.

This is only the beginning