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Henri's Trip of Demise


This is Henri and Henri needs your imagination to go through his newly created your head of course. Help him out!!

A little bit over an hour duration 8tracks including Miles Davis, The Headhunters and Sun Ra.

8 tracks
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Henri here in this space is the gorgeous space of death a transitional place to rest for the next incarnation of life. Soak it up it last as long as forever and is never remembered until U live again which is now in DEATH

So Henri that was pretty amazing huh? No set back and reflect here is a Sketch Book. Have at it let your thoughts and imagination flow freely like a river with out banks or bed . water just water flowing meandering in all directions home

Oh I am so sorry Henri I guess your not coming back right away looks like you need to spend time with some Angels. Be assured Henri this is a fine thing and Angels are some of the most blessed of the celestial creatures so I leave you in graceful hands and wings