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This is so weird and wonderful - so excited to hear Pentangle on there! Love the Paul Giovanni oddity and the whole thing has a fantastic, introspective, frantic subliminal quality to it. Very glad to have discovered your mixes. I feel like I must listen to them all now..!

Kingdom of the Birdsby Ian Neal, man what a tune. This is flowing in such an exquisite fashion. Also, NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS. I love that band, so glad to find them featured in a mix :D

Fan of Talk Talk btw? I think you'd enjoy Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock quite a bit

no,it's not. I sometimes do the same, but I still keep the heart until I reach the end of the mix and it's not like I'm being selective, I enjoy almost every mix on here, it's hard for me not to heart them. Sometimes I'm thinking of being more strict and raising my standards, but I can't do it. You all deserve it. Thanks for listening guys!

and i gotta say, i'm not so strict with the hearting either (with @danngo). i'll heart over a pic, title, really great track, flow, concept... i feel like anyone can heart anything. but i really value comments and that shows to me that someone really is paying attention to what i'm doing. so that's my two cents :P