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I Know Too Much


When You feel like you’re sinking
Into the endless dark
You’ve stopped thinking
And you’ve lost your spark

The fears begin to creep
Confusing your mind
They come from the deep
And they snatch from behind

Everything is cold
The world shatters, splinters
Echoes of words you’ve been told
Whispers, whispers

Emptied out
Wandering and wasting
Doubt upon doubt
Trying and Trying

Feelings dissipate
Memories dim
Emptiness is your fate
And Hope is slim

Shivers shake
But it’s not really cold
All life does is take
You feel so old

People speak too fast
Your mind too slow
Always thinking of the past
People you used to know

Living doesn’t make sense
You’re tired all the time
Your heart too dense
Nothing is fine

I’m heavy
Let me sleep forever
~Aiko A Hiramine
Poem By Me
Enjoy! :)

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