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If It Pleases You, Gentle Listener


For restless nights
And harried days
For desperate chases
Through dreams and haze
For intensity forgotten
By the gentlest souls
For the best and the worst
And the fight for control
Fear Not, Brave Beings
Who fight for the weak
Who continue their war
When all seems bleak
Keep On, Brave souls
You aren't forgotten by those
Upon whom your life
And care bestows
Remember the hardships
But also the dreams
Remember how impossible
They may have seemed
But also remember
The triumph you shared
When the trumpet of freedom
Began the fanfare
Of souls lost and found
And of those returned home
And of the heroes
Who continue to roam
~Aiko A. Hiramine
*Note, I will try to add more to this playlist as I can find the songs. Poem is written by me :)

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Beautiful poem, thank you for sharing, and I've only just begun the playlist but I love it so far; it's the perfect soundtrack to your words. ❤

This poem and mix are beautiful.. You should continue to write, the emotions you evoke are quite expressive :) And the mix complements the writing perfectly ;)