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Kill Your Darlings

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Kill your darlings, your crushes, your juvenile metaphysics. None of them belong on the page.

  • Campus by Vampire Weekend
    “On a Sunday afternoon, when the shutters are down and the proletariat possesses the street there are certain thoroughfareswhich remind one of nothing less than a big cancerous cock.“
  • The Mountain Goats "Cry for Judas" by MergeRecords
    “It’s completely brilliant and impossible. He says life is round: we’re stuck on this wheel. Living. And dying.”
  • Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure
    "Don't edit me!"
  • Bad Habit by The Kooks
    "I’m looking for a book… It’s called The Day Amanda Came.”
  • Thom Yorke & Lykke Li Hearing Damage by follione
    "This is it, guys. Our Bastille. No chickening out."
  • You Alwyas Hurt the One You Love by Mills Brothers
    "To literacy."
  • Piledriver Waltz by Alex Turner
    “Fuck you! You’re a phony. You got me and Jack and Bill making your vision come true. All because you couldn’t do it yourself.”
  • Fourth of July by Sufjan Stevens
    “Wake, melancholy mother. Wake and weep.”
  • The Only Thing by Sufjan Stevens
    “Go back to the beginning.”
  • The Platters 'Smoke Gets In You Eyes' by JanzenMusic
    “And like all lovers and sad people, I am a poet.”
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