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be blessed.

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Well.. thank you for sharing, but I'm going to reply by saying that I think my opinion is quite different from yours, but again thank you for your words... Be blessed :)

bthallion is right in a way. Some bands that are characterized as "Christian" have songs that have nothing to do with Jesus, and what Christian music needs is radical Christians. Not saying that every song has to be all about Jesus but they should have Christian messages.

I just feel it's too easy for a child to pick up another CD, with the exact same instrumentation, but deeply impure lyrical content. So much music today is downright abhorent, it shames me that we allow such blasphemies to go unpunished

true gospel music, with His grace, brings us ever closer to the Lord

I respect your opinion, but I don't see how this music can potentially "pull" youth away from His message. These songs talk about the Lord's peace, acceptance, forgiveness, and holiness. They dwell on the fact that you can lean on the Lord in times of need and brokenness. They worship his glorious do you think it pulls them away?