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BENDY in: "Silly Symphonies"


Remember the good old days of musical pictures and sing-alongs with the bouncing ball? Watch these merry melodies COME TO LIFE before your very eyes in Bendy the Dancing Demon's newest cartoon, "Silly Symphonies!" Brought to you, as always, in Sillyvision!

(In honor of Chapter 2's release. I'm definitely NOT a fan of horror games, but I love rubberhose cartoons and Bendy is so irresistible. With the actual vintage music, I tried to use jazz songs instead of swing because Bendy gives me more of a Fleischer Studios vibe than a Disney vibe. Most of their best cartoons came before 1934. After that, the Hays code effectively killed Betty Boop's jazz-era star power.)

Track art by squigglydigg:

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