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in the rain


songs for rainy days. maybe you're listening to some music through your headphones while you're on the bus or the train. maybe you're walking down the street under an open umbrella. maybe you're at home with the falling rain for company. maybe you're just in a rainy mood.

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Pretty sure nipoulton is asking you if you made this playlist in England. Not sure why they are asking that, but I found the question pretty clear. Possibly because of the blur and joy division.

Love the playlist, though it's a bit too sad for studying-for-finals-background noise!

Oh, ok. I just wanted to make sure what I was being asked.
Well, no, I didn't make this playlist in England! :D But I do tend to listen to a lot of English music.
Yeah, it's more of a playlist to think than to study tbh. Thanks for liking it!