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I'm no hero, dad.

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oh, and by the way, the addition of "it's time" by imagine dragons was such a perfect timed break in tempo and mood. now that one, made me feel happy. :) the way in which you order your songs is basically perfect, i can't really find a thing wrong with the order of the songs on your mixes, it flows very well and smoothly, the songs all go together and not a beat is missed, nothing is out of place and shouldn't belong where it's been put... and oh, i should definitely mention the fact that i always find problems with that in music, even on professional albums! so yes, perfect.

oh lord, this was so painful, but honestly beautiful. the title and the initial track already got to me emotionally because it reminded me of how disappointed my own father is in me, how we used to be so close, almost like best friends, but now we rarely talk because he is so disappointed in me that it makes him angry to even be around me, and i just get angry right back out of so much guilt for being a disappointment and having never done anything to make him proud of me. sorry, long explanation, but just that alone almost made me start crying. i did definitely end up crying during this, though, it reflected and reminded me of so many things i think and feel myself, about myself... and of course i kept thinking of stiles, too, and that made me even more sad, so sad for him in general that he could feel that way because if he was real, he'd be such an incredible, good person. i already loved a lot of the songs on here, too, but the ones i hadn't heard were so beautiful, some of them even kind of haunting, in a way. like i said, painful, but very beautiful... once again, another incredible mix you have created.