Allison Arrgents
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It's my fault.. It's all my fault


Rewatching 3b made me sob a lot and well Stallison feels.

I'm still waiting for Stiles to talk about the nogitsune and Allison. I'm waiting.

This can be taken romantically or brotp tbh.

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very sad, and very beautiful... the song "if i die young" has always made me cry by itself alone, so i will shamefully admit i did cry during this mix, and it was worse, although probably even more beautiful, by the fact i thought of allison in association with the song. and the cover art just made it even more sad. although i know this is about fictional characters and things, i had a young (21 or so) friend of mine die a few years ago i'll never quite be over, and i thought of her while listening to a lot of this. brought back many old feelings, but i wouldn't call it a negative or bad experience, it just made it even more real to me... it was very, very real for such an experience, which if that is something you have not gone through personally, then you are extremely talented at being able to choose such perfect music and express feelings so accurately for something never personally experienced.

i haven't caught up on all of s4 yet, but have they still seriously not discussed the issue? unbelievable. at least there's always amazing mixes like these that do well with the dealing with topics the show fails to address, and other fan-made works.

(i really hope 8tracks doesn't show the previous comments i deleted and reposted, i just kept having more to say, and the typos drive me insane. i am also very bad at proof-reading... blame my ADHD, baby... ha! i saw that song on another one of your mixes :) )

@southfox @southfox Personally no I've never actually had someone close in my life pass away but I've lost people maybe that's why Allison was so important to me. She reminds me of one of my old friends who was like an older sister to me. I'll admit I did cry making this I'm not over Allison's death and I probably won't ever I mean she died in like March... and It's August I still can't watch s3 e23 because I just sob.
Season four angers me to be honest. They do not address Allison or Aiden ever except for maybe a few sad looks from Lydia and Malia forcing Scott to tell her who Allison was. I'm disappointed with it, I hate the new ships and most of the new characters. No one was really addressed and nothing was resolved it's as if they act like Allison, Aiden, Isaac, Cora, Erica, Boyd anyone that died or left the show that was loved never existed it's just sad it's probably why I have so many fanmixes for Teen Wolf.

(its fine I tend to reply to a lot of comments though and yes Sail I sort of love that song!)

@ Allison Arrgents i honestly really hate the way jeff davis treated crystal reed in general. there was no need for her to die, she could have just left, like isaac did. it was done for a ridiculous, melodramatic impact, and not for any really important reason, in my opinion. it makes me upset and angry they treated her character with such disrespect and what i feel is very little thought...

the fact they have not yet addressed it makes me even more angry, it is truly insulting to both the actress and the character. she was a major character for three seasons, there since the beginning. i assumed she would have been discussed or at least mentioned very often in s4, especially regarding stiles, as i feel he would have overwhelming feelings of guilt, even though it was not technically him who killed her... but i understand that type of guilt, where you feel guilty simply because you feel like you could've tried harder, fought harder, even if it was against yourself. so knowing that, i'm very happy this mix exists and thank you for making it, because it really is unbelievable they have not addressed it... and as i said, i find it very insulting.

("sail" is one of the top contenders for being my official theme song, probably! i even actually have ADHD. i've listened to it quite a lot... also thank you, too, for replying. usually i get no reply at all any time i comment but i understand everyone may not know what to say or procrastinate replying or various other reasons..., still, that's very nice of you to take that time!)

@ Allison Arrgents (oh, and now you've got me listening to "sail" on repeat! i really do love this song a lot... i frequently quote it when my ADHD is acting up, even when i've actually taken my adderall... especially when i've taken my adderall. it's the perfect song for someone like me c:)

@southfox I am not going to start on Allison. She was a role model to me and fictional or not I loved her to death and losing her was uneeded. I understand that it was Crystal's choice to leave but it did hurt. I had a friend similar to Allison that I've lost it and was just a very upsetting thing but to think of it Allison would not have left her friends and family like that it wasn't her character whether Crystal wanted to or not. The only one that has mourned Allison is Lydia crying over her best friend. Stiles mentioned her once to Malia and Scott had been forced to talk about it. It upsets me how its as if the characters on the show that had left or died did not exist I miss them very much. It started with Erica and then we got new characters that all left but losing Allison was the worst being there for so long.