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Scott & Stiles roadtrip mix


The amazing road trip mix tape of 80's music, 2000's pop-punk, boybands, classic rock, mullet rock ( cough cough can i quote sam winchester ??? yess ) guilty pleasures, duets to sappy love songs, cheesy pop songs & a shit load of bad singing. With Lydia rolling her eyes & Derek pulling the classic Scar move "I'm surrounded by idiots."

also not my edit

warning this is out of "the musical minds of two hyper active teenage boys." random music happens

28 tracks
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This playlist might just be the best thing I have ever heard! With every new song I can just imagine Scott and Stiles jammin' in the front of the jeep while Lydia, Derek and Malia sit in the back rolling their eyes and pretending not to like the music- although I reckon by Wannabe they'd all be singing along too!

this mix just made me dance like a completly insane person in the bathroom, dressed in pjs and singing into my toothbrush. you just made my day, thank you so much!