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Songs Stiles is not allowed to ever play in the jeep.


Just a compilation of songs Stiles is not aloud to under any circumstance play in the jeep with anyone around.

Sorry for the lack of mixes lately this has been in my drafts thing for about three months I'm pathetic ugh.

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your mixes are so great, i just followed you on here! i have a tendency to leave comments on them before i even finish the whole thing, which i do when i can just tell the entire mix is going to be good... your mixes have yet to disappoint at all. :)

this one has me laughing at the concept, because i can just picture it like so many of the other people who commented... and the fact i have many of these same songs on my ipod - my friends would have never allowed me to listen to them either if i even TRIED to play them while they were in my car, haha! i often remember having to skip over a lot of songs in general, including "wannabe"!

@southfox Thank you! I just wanted to make something fun because I'm not very pleased with season four at all even if I love Teen Wolf as much as I do the character adjustment really upset me and I miss hyper sass master flailing 1-3a stiles. Wannabe had to be there Dylan danced to it a billion years ago! I just wanted to make something fun happy you like it :)

@ Allison Arrgents i admit i have a strong tendency to gravitate towards the sadder mixes, and some of my favourites are the ones dealing with stiles and the nogitsune, s3b... but every once and a while, even i need something silly, fun, and just simple happiness! these mixes are as important as any other, they make people laugh, happy, and cheer them up... i listened to both this and "Ride With Stiles" when i woke up and it was a fantastic start to my day.

@southfox I have so many Stiles/Nogitsune mixes just some are a little bit back well not on the first page at least. I do listen to this on my way to school I like pop up beat music. I try to balance sad and happy it's better of that way.

this is so perfect holy shit i can imagine him singing to all these on the way to school and getting weird looks from passing cars at the lights shcbzhvbvdkzjwsdf