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❝You can kill the Oni but me? Me?! I'm a thousand years old! You can't kill me! ❞

Teen Wolf Meme- Day 1; Favorite Villain Void!Stiles/Nogitsune

ASDFGHJKL; just I need to do this freaking season justice and I don't know how so I did a lot of searching and downloading for songs so here we go. I really like this but um thoughts?

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oh wow, i finally listened to this one, and i LOVED it! mixes about the nogistune/nogistune!stiles/stiles himself are some of my favourites since the nogitsune is one of my favourite all-time "villains" (i'm obsessed with foxes and kitsune though so i'm probably bias!) and stiles is one of my all-time favourite fictional characters who i relate to a lot, so i loved this story arc the most... and this mix is one of the best ones i've heard yet on the matter! like the other commenter, i am also very impressed by how great this is... i love how it was so dark and haunting, yet in an almost subtle way... very unique, and wonderful. pretty much perfect, in fact. :)

@southfox I really appreciate the feed back on this because it's my favorite that I've done out of all my mixes. In 260 mixes this is the one I'm most proud of. Dylan is one of my favorite actors and he was absolutely incredible and I really wanted to do this season justice to cheer myself up. It was a very different turn for Teen Wolf so I had to do something different.

@ @Allison Arrgents well, it's nothing less than well-deserved feedback, and clearly you definitely did do it the justice it also deserved! when i said it was one of the best i've heard so far on the matter (and i've listened to a LOT... i try to listen to as many a i can), it was not hyperbole in the slightest. you should be proud. :)