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Barns, Birds, Mountains and Mason Jars

4 comments on Barns, Birds, Mountains and Mason Jars

I got a feeling, this mix is gonna bring something good with it. I am currently sitting and drawing sketches of my future house, and I imagine myself listening to some of these songs while I sit in my future garden, maybe enjoying a glass of wine in the evening, gazing and being satisfied with what I've achieved. Maybe one day, who knows... Anyways, thanks for this mix! It's great.

What a lovely comment you made about this mix, thank you. Makes me very happy to imagine the house and garden that were inspired by the music. Enjoy!

Perhaps it's just the hour, or being alone, but is it possible to love something that makes you want to kill yourself? I really enjoyed the mix... I am familiar with most (not all) of the artists but not many of the songs. It is very evocative, though it has made me quite melancholy... but then it's after midnight, maybe it's just me, maybe I should try it again in the light of day. I will definitely sample your other mixes.

Did you try listening in the light of day? Thank you for sharing your honest and thoughtful impressions of my mix. I'm glad it spoke to you, even if in a melancholy sort of way.