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in a world so cold

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I came here after sobbing brokenly over your fic, and I have to say, the songs fit well. Damn you and your storytelling.

Oh, sorry, I forgot to censor myself! But of course I'm cursing, that fic was beautifully wrecking and I'm glad the ending was okay, but that didn't stop chapter nine destroying me!

Please, it's okay. I love swearing! I'd just never gotten that particular kind of comment but it was very much welcomed. I apologize for breaking you with chapter 9, but it had to be done. I did try very hard to fix it.

Thanks again!

You managed really well, it was beautiful. Jim slowly getting used to being home, Bones finally working up courage to ask about Dredd, Dredd and Alex... God, it was wonderful, and I'm glad I found it. Bravo!