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I want you by my side

5 comments on I want you by my side

This playlist it the best, it's so nice to listen to, it's so them and it's also perfect for any other occasion. This is a brilliant first playlist and I cannot wait to see the numbers of them grow! c:

@N-eophobia omgg u have no idea how much of a compliment that is to me because I've always dreamed to have one of those playlists that have mixed genres that u can listen to and do anything to so thank you so muchh

this is such a gr8 kurotsuki playlist ahhh probably one of the best on here!!!!! and it's your first playlist??? wow!!!!!

@suaville omg ommg tysm !! yeah this is my first B)) I knew tht there were only like four or five like "non smutty or sexy" playlists of them so I needed to make this lmao