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marian hill

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marian hill is a very good singer and I really dig her music so I am gonna make a playlist of it! this is good for homework, relaxation, and just hanging out. also there are two other songs that aren't by her but relate to her music type

  • Lovit by Calvin Black
  • Breathe into Me by Marian Hill
  • Play by Marian Hill
  • 06 i've got that tune by zallegorie
  • Guilty Filthy Soul by AWOLNATION
  • Beyonce by Runtheworld11
  • How Bad Can I Be By the Lorax by Vivio0416
  • Cassandra ( Pt II ) ( 8 Bit Cover ) by Area 11
  • KONGOS by Kongos
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I love Marian Hill but I'd just like to say it's not one girl, it's a duo of Jeremy Lloyd the producer and Samantha Gongol the singer. Though her voice is perfect, he is just as important in making the sound.