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Girls Like Girls Like Boys Do ~


"I wanna ruin our friendship
We should be lovers instead
I don't know how to say this
'Cause you're really my dearest friend"

Firstly because Kryber is life. Amber and Krystal are not only relationship goals but also friendship goals af~ I love them both. A lot.

Secondly this playlist is dedicated to three of my wonderful friends who are stronger than societies' judgment ever can be. I loved you all from the start, before I knew, and that night you called me crying afraid I wasn't going to love you as my best friend anymore (which is ridiculous)For the brave and the bold and the ladies I love regardless of what they world may think or say. You are beautiful. You're happiness is your own and you have every right to it!

Viva la Sisterhood of the flying Underpants ~

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