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Sick of the Shitty Mainstream Mixes


I'm so sick of all the main-stream party tracks taking over 8-Tracks. I've been coming to this site for a long time, and recently all the mixes are about dubstep, sex, and partying. It's ok to have one of those mixes once in a while, but now it's getting ridiculous. Let's take it back to real music, with songs from Grizzly Bear, She & Him, and some other real artists.

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Meaning that the artist becomes more of an entertainer than a musician. Sellouts produce music for the sake of money and fame rather than for the sake of meaningful music. They essentially "sell" themselves to producers and prostitute themselves for public popularity and wealth.

There's nothing wrong with music that is popular, but I hate when music is popular when it has no value. I have plenty of Kanye, Lil Wayne, Britney Spears and Coldplay (which is probably my favorite band). I can't stand artists like Ke$ha, Gaga and Katy Perry that do things for shock value and are clearly managed closely by a PR team and producers. They want to be celebrities and not musicians. I just choose to listen to musicians. Artists that are considered legendary, or classic, are remembered for a reason. I feel like today's popular artists are almost beyond that point because the desire to make the most money and be the most famous has consumed that part of the industry. That's just my view, you can take it or leave it.