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twisted? us?

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It's sort of, in my opinion, a pairing between two mistreated characters: Ridge, the powerful demigod that is lost in his thoughts and uncontrollable, and Xephos, the spaceman wanting something new and different. It is looked upon in a lot of different ways, most being Xephos falling in love with Ridge's powerful and, if you will, "bad boy" sense, and Ridge loving Xephos' little quirks and things over looked.

OMG! I cant belive i ran into my old fave song "Your Guna Go Far, Kid" OMG THANK YOU! i might not like Ridgephos but its mostly cause idk why Its more popular than Xephna, and im suprised Xephamadia isnt popular. if you

I wouldn't say Xephmadia isn't popular, it's more that people like relationships that are more prone to having mistakes and issues, finding them more interesting. (ex: Lalna is a wee bit power crazy) There are still a TON of people that like it, it just isn't talked about as much. :P