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Another drawing mix


A mix of tracks, mostly instrumental, post-rock and japanese, I usually listen while drawing.

Including music by Stonkatank, World's End Girlfriend and The Books.

Cover source:

  • Satisfight by Stonkatank
  • Prayer by Mutyumu
  • Enjoy Your Worries, You May Never Have Them Again by The Books
  • Fous On The Roller Coaster by Mice Parade
  • World's End Girlfriend - The Octuple Personality And Eleven Crows by greyie
  • Stella (cut) by Kashiwa Daisuke
  • Mouse On The Keys by Mouse on the Keys
  • ghost of a horse under the chandelier (from "Hurtbreak Wonderland") by world's end girlfriend
  • Rocket by Working for a Nuclear Free City
  • World's End Girlfriend – Les Enfants Du Paradis by Erased Tapes Records
10 tracks
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