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calming music from various anime shows and movies

writing, studying, reading, whatever you really want XD

  • Spirited Away Soundtrack by Spirited Away soundtrack
  • 04 - Ura no machi by BiYao168
  • 17 - Nekobasu by BiYao175
  • 03 - Kuuchuu Sanpo by BiYao180
  • 花園 by 久石譲
  • 09 - Oosouji by BiYao180
  • Spirited Away OST by Nighttime Coming
  • 竜の少年 by 久石譲
  • My First Town by Sword Art Online OST
  • Death note by Ratchet
  • The Butler of Trancy's by Kuroshitsuji II OST
  • 09.Kitai by Kioko-chan
  • Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea Original Soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi
  • Kyrie II by Death Note Soundtrack
  • 04 - Neko to Ohanashi by BiYao161
  • Fragile Mind by Kuroshitsuji II Ost
  • 23 - Low of Solipsism-Death Note-Sound Track by Emmanuel Fillol
  • さすらいのソフィー by 久石譲
  • At Nightfall by Sword Art Online OST
  • L's Theme B by Acesys
  • Light Theme by Death Note OST
  • Exorcist Concerto Third Movement U & Cloud by Blue Exorcist
  • in your past by 梶浦由記
23 tracks
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