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Higgs Boson Blues (Best Of 2013)


this is a mix of the songs from 2013 I was most obsessed with over the course of the year.

RIP Lou Reed

(there's no Lou Reed on this)

13 tracks
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Great selection man, that saved me all the work haha :-) I would perhaps add a little bit of Lou Reed to it with Kurt Vile's Goldtone - it's worth a listen if you don't know it yet! In my opinion 2013 had very few stand-out songs, but a huge number of consistent records -- it's been years since I've listened this many albums from the first to the last note. Apparently they found the secret path to my attention (that even I cannot find most days)!

Agreed--I thought there were quite a few great records. This mix was focused on the songs I liked though... I tried to list my favorite albums in the description but 8tracks doesn't let you do stuff like that! haha

my favorite albums of the yea list is here: