ALO is a collective of 8tracks djs. We make collaborative mixes and try to explore different ways of working and having fun together. Making up crazy, poetic, funny, random or arbitrary rules and picking tracks from any era and any place in the world we can think of, we are all about unlikely musical collisions and think Turkish tango sounds better between a Japanese jug band and some Croatian new wave.

Aunt13 loves seeking out vintage Bollywood records and singing in the rain.

Leiwandesk has an encyclopedic knowledge of ex-Yu popular music and watches obscure 80's German TV series.

Ogun lives in a space-time warp while enjoying novelty songs with kazoos and collecting silly objects.

SpaceBunny enjoys playing 5 musical instruments in an unskilled manner and is an authority on teen soap operas, Lifetime movies and after school specials.

Samuel was once voted ‘Most Likely To Cause Trainer Insanity’ during his 2.5 week career with Capital One Financial Corporation, enjoys lengthy bubble baths with LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics, and genuinely believes that silence is god’s chosen manner of mocking humankind.

Aproragadozo tends bar at a watering hole for undercover aliens where he plays darts with the patrons, and has three nipples.

ErrorMalfunction's super power is the uncanny ability to walk into every spider web possible, compounded with mild ennui, and a penchant for black licorice. He has a tortured past because he can never remember his dreams when he wakes up.

Sepiae lives in super-conductive waters, increasingly muddied [the waters], and knows no punk, no ba- nor rock, no jazz, no ska, no blues or ambient, nor any other genre, only music. Sepiae also got a pet-shrimp. sometimes for lunch.

Deathinteresse regularly likes to tune in and then drop out. His all-time favorite mix title is "Reboot Mankind."

Candid.utopia is a splinter from a long line of latter-day miracle engineers who spends most of her time deciphering wall cracks, muttering to the dream gutter, and defacing holy statues, cropping their myths & pasting them onto the mossy stains of the Manifesto of the Committee to Abolish Outer Space.

Alin1618 emerges absent and beyond personal coherence, silently contesting his introversion, perpetually exhausting cut-ups of unbeginning, effortlessly hoping to redeem his cupidity.

Katcosmonaut doesn't know how to not make this awkward. Don't look, her face is collapsing!


Feel free to join us if you want to play our game (send us a message there :

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