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Plasma (from Greek πλάσμα, "anything formed") is one of the four fundamental states of matter, the others being solid, liquid, and gas. A plasma has properties unlike those of the other states.

Plasma is the most abundant form of ordinary matter in the Universe, most of which is in the rarefied intergalactic regions, particularly the intracluster medium, and in stars, including the Sun.

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Also, you can form plasma with high power lasers & just about any substance (including human tissue!) And because the plasma is highly charged, it starts soaking up the laser's photons & the laser becomes less effective at ablating. A trick to overcome this is to send in ultrafast pulses of the laser light so that the target material has time to switch back from plasma to its original phase state between pulses. Anyway, probably no one cares haha! I just think plasma is by far the most interesting state of matter (also this mix is superb!)