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Plus on est de fous...


In this mix, each track responds to a specific constraint made up by another player.

See comments for corresponding constraints.

16 tracks
4 comments on Plus on est de fous...

1: features a Madame Chiouque
2: has food in the title, and is from 1970-1989
3: James Bond's theme song, if she were a black woman
4: features only the human body
5: cannot be found on discogs
6: a song with clapping
7: illustrates this quote by Vincent Van Gogh : "there is no blue without yellow and without orange"
on 8, the musician must be singing in a language not their own
9: the musician(s) must switch at least once from one musical genre to another within the song
10: a cover in a different genre than the original
11: an 'inheritance track': a piece that an older relative made you aware of and which is therefore special to you
12: a tale of vengeance
13: from a movie of the 1930s
14: makes you feel like you're in a time machine
15: could be in the soundtrack for a Godzilla movie directed by Ingmar Bergman
16: a track out of time: sounds like it could have been released 30+ years earlier or later than it was