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And Her Color Was, Red.

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Just a playlist for my OC Coraline. The art actually belongs to me, you can tell because it's super lame.

  • La La La (White Panda X Gazzo Remix) by Naughty Boy Ft. Sam Smith
  • Alice (Pogo Remix) by willgreenfield_
  • Lilian's Safari by JustAn0Th3RBandWh0re
  • Pure Imagination by Fiona Apple
  • Paint Me Black (Featuring Mali Koa Hood) by Ben Hazlewood
  • Irony English & Piano Ver [Lizz] by mialaure
  • Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots
  • ENGLISH "Unravel" Tokyo Ghoul /Lullaby Ver/ (AmaLee) by AmaAmaLeeLee
8 tracks
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