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you speak of stars in a scientific way


you speak of stars in a scientific way, and it can only contrast with the abstract beauty i see in them. you can recite equations and list chemicals at the drop of a hat the same way i can rattle off tales of constellations in a heart beat.
i cherish your words all the same. my love for you is as vast and endless as space itself, and i can only wish one day youll love me as much as you love the universe.
theres a person i like that always talks about space.

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YES THAT FIRST SONG!! I was writing a short story for a picture book I'm making (a birthday present) and it's about outer space. This really helped me finish it!!

You've started it with one of my favorite songs ever! <3 And I love that image, where did you find it? Do you know who the artist is?

this is my favorite playlist from this whole entire website, to be honest. thank you so much for this beautiful mix