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Untitled mix #2


1. “Hello, Handymen speaking.”
2. Nicolas wrecking shit
3. Benriya laying down the law
4. Alex before Benriya
5. Out and about/Benriya and the Chief
6. Nicolas
7. Worick
8. Alex and Nina at Bastard
9. Delico/Erica/Ivan/Danny
10. Doug vs. Nicolas
11. Fight music (destroyers)
12. Worick and Nicolas flashbacks/“I fall down a lot.”
13. The massacre at the mansion/Nic’s revenge
14. Emilio
15. Attack on the Paullkee Guild/Doug’s death (2:54)
16. “We’ll see you soon.”/Galahad watching Doug’s goodbye/Delico after shooting Yang
17. “Was it you?”/Galahad realizing Colt killed Doug/“We’ve got your back.”/The Round Table fights Colt

17 tracks
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