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Elegance Needs No Words


Instrumental Study mix, for those times that voices are too distracting.

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14 tracks
7 comments on Elegance Needs No Words

I agree! In the movie I really liked the hummed lullaby, so when I realized there was a song from the soundtrack with it I knew I needed it.

I actually heard the song 1st then had to watch the movie because it. I figured with a song that good the plot had to be equally poignant. & it was! It helped that I speak Spanish also but that's beside the point. lol

It is a wonderful film, it is so unlike many things that you normally see. I'm actually in the process of putting together an instrumental mix of all the film soundtracks I like on spotify, then I am going to get those songs and hopefully make a new instrumental mix for 8tracks, so keep your eye out for that!