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❝ If you craft it well enough, a doll will gain a heart. ❞

A playlist for Nazuna Nito. Cover is official art.

14 tracks
3 comments on mar·i·on·ette

holy shiiiit i need to listen to this 10 more times to try to catch the meanings of each of the songs but even my first impression is that i loved this.. the feeling of the mood as a whole was really compelling

ahh oh my god this playlist speaks to me so much thank you for putting this out there!! after reading the translation for nazuna's backstory i completely melted. my fav song from this playlist was "one more time with feeling"

@nawatobi aaaa well thank YOU for listening to it to begin with!! i'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it so much and GOSH nazuna has just been breaking so many hearts lately;;;