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to live is the rarest thing;

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This is just so amazing and peaceful, perfect for reading, or relaxing. This must have taken awhile to make, but either way, this is an AWESOME playlist. Did I mention it is awesome?!

@cobradecoding139 So glad you enjoyed it! I actually keep an accumulative list on my phone of instrumental songs I'd like to compile into playlists, which makes it fairly easy to make a playlist.

Ah such a peaceful playlist... Gotta say I was surprised but pleased to find a Kingdom Hearts song on this playlist. Thank you for the good music and have a lovely day!

I'm just stunned. I'm thinking about deep thoughts, and... wow just... mind-blowing in the best way. I... I'm speechless. Thank you for making my day.

@TrinityGolden This is why I make 8tracks, your response made my evening! I'm so happy to share these songs, and for someone else to enjoy and feel them just as much... It's incredible.