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whatever happens tomorrow, we had today.


A lengthy indie playlist.

Photo is from One Day, which is one of my favorite films. The quote is also from One Day.

17 tracks
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One Day is one of my most absolutely favorite films even though it kills me every time. This is a fantastically magical playlist, thank you xx

I was listening to this with the love of my life in his dorm while we cuddled together and the entire world blurred and all I could see was him, and it was so beautiful, I wanted to lose myself in that moment forever. Now that i'm without him, stuck in a position where I wonder if I'll ever get to be with him the same way, or be with him at all, my heart feels emptier than it's ever felt before

I just want to thank you for creating this playlist. It brought so much peace and joy into my night, and you are the reason for it. You are amazing, thank you so so so much!