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The RPG Era


Vagrant Story, WIld Arms, Final Fantasy Tactics y más.

  • Vagrant Story OST Sanctum by SeraphAndrew
  • Too Late by Wild Arms
  • Tutorial by Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Fight! (Capcom SNES Style) by Breath of Fire III
  • Xenogears OST June Mermaid by mikigirl18
  • Wild Arms by Fawzi Allouache
  • Breath Of Fire III by Breath of Fire III
  • Critical Force! (Wild Arms 1 And 2 Battle Theme Medley) by ShaunPMusic
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Job Intro by hirogawa
  • Breath Of Fire III OST "Healing" Sample Beat by Big Scro
  • A Wind call the Shebato of clear blue sky by Xenogears
  • Town (Wild Arms) by Jordan Knee
  • Trisection Extended by Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Dazil- City Of Burning Sands by Xenogears Soundtrack
  • Vagrant Story Ifrit by SeraphAndrew
  • Emotion (Video Games Instrumental) by Xenogears
16 tracks
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