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They're Going To Be Happy - an upbeat Johnlock playlist


A playlist for two smart idiots who are in love, & WILL get their happy ending someday… & for the fandom that’s usually filled with angst, but believes in that future happiness.

There’s not an overabundance of playlists like this for Johnlock–for obvious reasons–so I decided to make one. Songs are about either one or both of their POVs. All of it’s fairly upbeat, & a solid 85% of it is happy. (The rest is an homage to the end of s2 + s3.)

I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings me! Go forth, have fun listening to a beautiful story arc, picture these two running around solving cases while pining, think about how they’re so in love, & remember that eventually they’re going to be happy. :)


30 tracks