Is this playlist safe for work?



I like listening to this one on a Sunday morning while scrolling through tumblr, cup of tea/coffee by my side and my journal ready to take down my thoughts. :)

8 tracks
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Oh! Sorry, indie music hahahaha, not rain acoustic. Whatever's you like as long as it is an acoustic versino

I enjoyed this one so much. Thank you! It really really helps me to sleep. I've read you take requests. Could you do an acoustic one? Thank you!

@brainbird I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And yes I do take request but what's an acoustic version of rain? What would you like to hear haha?

10/10. I love this. I just recently figured out that listening to music while working actually distracts so I wanted just a nice calm background. This set is perfect. I love the sound of rain and this hits that nice ambient niche. Thank you. Also, I didn't have to pee while listening till I read m.alakgamal's comment.

@DarkRemmy haha thank you! Honestly I feel the same. Sometimes I can't listen to music while doing work, I just need some sounds so I listen to this too!