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he's known by many names across earth, even worshipped as god in different lands.

if amaimon doesn't come back by the end ( or before ) of this year i'm going to murder everything that breathes

cover art:

  • My Enemy (Paranoia) by
  • Machine Gun (Amon Tobin remix) by Noisia
  • Ant by Man
    intense and short. just like amaimon in the manga : )
  • Oolong by Jazzkammer
  • Epic Score – Eternal Shadow Falls by Epic Music Dx
  • Epic Score - Creator Of Worlds (Epic Action & Adventure 8) by ./
    puts a paper over "creator", that says "destroyer" instead
  • Ao no Exorcist OST Amaimon by LittleRedHead54
    cries...cries so much...son come back
  • Epic Battle Theme by Blue Exorcist
  • Master of Shadows by Nick Phoenix & Thomas J. Bergersen
    me waiting for amaimon to come back like-
9 tracks
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