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Being with her...


She's my smile when I'm feeling blue
She's my good night sleep when my day is through yeah
Let me tell you what she means to me
(She's kinda like this)
Kinda like the feeling after your first kiss
Except that everyday she makes me feel like this
She's exactly what I need
Oh yeah

  • Banana Pancakes by Caroline Glaser
  • You And I (Ingrid Michaelson Cover) Ft. Mil Prado by Kaye Matriano
  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Sea Turtle Harmonic
  • MGMT) by Electric Feel (Cover
  • Christina Perri 'Arms' Cover by Bryonie Jessica
  • Happy Together (The Turtles Cover) by Simitha Singam
  • Killer Queen (Acoustic Piano Cover) by Meaghan Penning
  • Whatever She's Got(Cover) by David Nail
  • Love They Say (Cover) by Tegan and Sara
  • Cold Coffee (Cover) by Ed Sheeran
10 tracks