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better run fast.


For the hearts that pump blood wildly through a body. For the awareness that this could be your last breath. For the acknowledgement that, whatever awaits you behind that door is going to kill you. For the souls that are still trying to fight fate. For the joined hands and the eyes squeezed shut and the silent prayers of hope. For the ones that better run fast.

  • 28 weeks later original by Dat Guy 8
  • Road to Glory by audiomachine
  • 06 Decompression Reborn Death (featured in Zero Dark Thirty Theatrical Trailer) by Ursine Vulpine
  • Dark Shadows by The Hunger Games
  • The Surface Of The Sun by Anny Daisy
  • Invictible by Two Steps From Hell
  • World Collapsing by Danny Cocke
  • Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus
9 tracks