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i failed you.

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Came here cause of the title and picture, very impressive! Playlist is just as good. You should be in marketing lol

I was oringinally listening to this playlist to help me study but got distracted because it was so beautiful. I think music like this is so under rated and you did such a wonderful job of this play list. My ears thank you!

You're welcome!! Right? Instead 8tracks is like, "Oh, how sweet! You really like this playlist? It's too bad we have to limit the amount of times you can listen to it. >)" Evil, I tell you! But again, thank you for the actually many brilliant playlists! I think I might just follow. C:

@StormbornQueen Thank you so much! And I feel you, I wish I could play this on loop since this is generally my playlist for writing death scenes or weepy scenes, so I'm glad it's helped someone else! xoxo cheers to writing!