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Icing and Arrows


Neither of them are good at avoiding fights, but damn it all if they don't kick back twice as hard. Taserhawk, the cupcake way.

[“Way to win a girl’s heart.” She framed a headline in the air. “Dear Darcy: you look like shit, and I was the one who had the crap kicked out of me in the past four hours.”

“Shut up.”

She grinned at him. Then, slowly, she couldn’t find the energy to hold it up anymore. Darcy slid her hand across the counter, just a little, until her fingertips brushed against his thumb. “We’ll get them eventually,” she said to him. “I know we will.”

His eyebrows lifted. “Really.”

“Damn straight.” Darcy tossed her hair back over her shoulder. “Because we are made of awesome.”]

Shuofthewind - Operation Cupcake -

8 tracks