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(sorry this track isn't as epic as before because some songs got replaced due to 8tracks's soundcloud policy)

songs that help you dominate...aka songs i used when i practiced footwork and badminton swings in the garage lmao

anyways, i guess this is a decent mix of songs that should get you pumped! or at least i hope so ToT good for workouts or motivation i guess ;u;
the last song is calm to help you...well, calm down in the end.

  • Psycho-Pass OST by Track 14
  • Mirai Nikki OST by Mirai Nikki Ost
  • Blumenkranz by Kill la Kill OST
  • Kuusou Mesorogiwi Mirai Nikki Op Full English Subbed by Klan7cosplay
  • Psycho-Pass OST by Track 07
  • Before my body is dry by 澤野弘之
  • Brave Frontier Deemo Boss Battle by BF x DEEMO
  • Death Parade OST #5: Memento Mori by Pianotaku
8 tracks
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