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blues for brian


songs for brian jones -- old ones he most likely listened to + modern day ones that perfectly describe him -- because around july 3rd, it's really tough to stop thinking about him; begins with mick jagger reading 'adonais' for brian at the hyde park concert in 1969

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This is fantastic! I love this mix of songs, it's very eclectic, which works fantastically for someone like Brian. I was happy to hear the Lana Del Rey tracks on this, I've done a fanmix for him with some Lana songs as well. Her stuff just really reminds me of him, for some reason.

@flying-glove ah, thank you! i spent a while trying to perfect it, so i'm really happy you like it. i really enjoy your brian fanmix as well! i know exactly what you're saying about lana, some of her lyrics sound like they could have been written for brian, and the vibe of her songs goes along with brian's aura really well too. thanks again!