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Lose the Mask


Darcy: "Stephen, I know that we don't say this enough, but we need you. No one else here could lead like you can. You made us the crew we are, you saved each and every one of us and breathed new life into us."

A mix for Stephen Magnus Reyes. For a leader that doesn't feel the need to hide behind a mask. He's broken free of his mask and he won't go back now.

8 tracks
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Oh, cool. They sound really interesting and I was just wondering if I could read/watch whatever story they were a part of. Have you published any of them?

@kellylikesbands not really. Though I'd like to, there's not much of a story. Just very fleshed out characters, their relationship with each other, their jobs, and lots of info. I'm thinking of publishing that though and when I do I can link you to it if you want? :)