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Keep Calm and STUDY On

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Pretty good playlist :) I noticed your playlists aren't getting the likes you may have hoped for. Some friendly advice to boost your likes; use popular tags, avoid artist names, and stick to genre types or emotion tags eg. happy or sad. Also, wait at least 3-4 weeks before posting a new playlist, otherwise your previous playlists won't get any more attention, and they'll likely be ignored before reaching gold :) keep the good tunes coming!

@HangoverHappiness Thanks for the heads up! I'll make the adjustments in the coming playlists. I don't know why when posting a playlist, 8tracks keeps adding artist names as a tag automatically. :( ION Your profile is BURSTING! Congrats. Shout out from Nairobi. I'd be interested in continuing with this discussion. Hit me up on twitter @kirotich